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Documenting 90s Hong Kong and this particular culture of that time period through fashion. Combining the subculture elements (the Hong Kong Mafia) , the functional elements (the Hong Kong police and military) and the style of starlets back in 90s as the core inspiration for the collection.

I’m acting more as a reporter as I absorb and document the things or people that I think are distinct, I would then digest what I see and present it as fashion. Not only do I want to commemorate this period of Hong Kong culture, but also allow the new generation to try and get to know and let them express their individuality through wearing this collection in different ways.

90s Hong Kong, a city that I think is incredibly unique. New immigrants, or deeply rooted Hong Kong citizens were all subject to the influence of western culture. So is the culture of Hong Kong eastern or western? My Thesis collection is centered around this question.Hong Kong is not a pure eastern or western in terms of culture, it is the combination of both sides, which gives birth to this “New-China” culture. Like the characters in 90s Hong Kong films, the styling of them all follows the trend of the styles in Western, Hollywood movies, yet they still have the unique and memorable sense of individuality of the Hong Kong culture.

Along with the setting of the movies that shows the imported neon lights displaying colorful letters of unsimplified Chinese in the Hong Kong streets. You will see in the action movies made back then of the Hong Kong mob dressed in Mafia suits and the police wearing their multifunctional British military vests, yet the uniqueness of Hong Kong is still seen from the settings and characters.